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An experienced writer, Lucy Austin has spent the last twenty years creating original content for the business-to-business, consumer and lifestyle sectors. In recent years, she has written features for publications in the UK, Spain and Latin America.


In 2015, Lucy had her first novel published by Endeavour Press. Falling into the category of contemporary women’s fiction –  slash, a good beach read – ‘The Way it Never Was’ enjoyed a couple of years in the Amazon charts, only for the publishing company to go under. It now sits on Lucy's bookshelf, serving as a reminder that sometimes, just sometimes, it is possible to get one’s arse in gear and write a 93,000-word novel.


In 2019, Lucy worked with the artist Lisa McGuinness to create a tongue-in-cheek guide-book, The Speak as You Find Guide to the School Run. Working within the restraints of the format, it showcased over 85 parent types, alongside icons, infographics, a questionnaire and an illustrated playground map. The book can now be found on www.


It was the process of writing these books that developed Lucy's observational skills about daily life, prompting her to create a women's magazine that celebrated it. 


Minutia is focused on the trivial, mundane and ordinary. It features articles about the things that actually occupy our time and thoughts. 


Lucy hopes you enjoy - or not. Entirely up to you. 

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